GoCarma collects data when you:   1) sign up  2)  are detected in a vehicle.

1) Data collected during sign-up

When you sign up GoCarma collects the following user data:

  • *Name

  • *Phone Number

  • *Email

  • Vehicle Details (toll transponder tag ID, license plate, mailing address)

*denotes a required field 

2) Data collected when you're detected in a registered vehicle

GoCarma only collects the following data when you are in a vehicle with a GoCarma Pass located in its glove box: 

  • Time data: the time at which you are detected in a registered car

  • Vehicle data: a vehicle ID related to a vehicle that is registered in GoCarma

  • Occupant data: a GoCarma user ID related to the person who registered with with GoCarma

  • GPS data: GoCarma rarely collects GPS data as an additional verification of HOV eligibility at toll gantry locations. Learn more about how GoCarma uses Location Services here. 

Learn more about how GoCarma protects your data.

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