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What is HOV and why does it matter?
What is HOV and why does it matter?

A description of why vehicle occupancy matters.

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HOV stands for High-Occupancy Vehicle and it means any vehicle with more than one occupant.

Why HOV Matters

Next time you're sitting in traffic, take a look at the cars around you. Most of them will only have one person inside, the driver. In fact, the average vehicle occupancy rate in most places at rush hour is just 1.1 people.ย 

Research has shown that even a small reduction in the number of vehicles (e.g. 2%-5%) can lead to a giant reduction in overall traffic delay (20%-25%).

This is why we believe you should be rewarded for HOV commuting instead of driving alone. It's the best option your community has for reducing traffic, improving air quality and fighting climate change.

GoCarma makes it possible for transportation planners to easily and reliably verify and reward HOV commuters. For the first time, a vehicle with one person inside can be treated differently from a vehicle with 3 people inside.


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