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Getting started as a driver
Getting started as a driver

With GoCarma, a driver can save on tolls by verifying their HOV commute trips.

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Every weekday, GoCarma enables tens of thousands of Dallas-Fort Worth commuters to qualify for high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) toll discounts.

To get started:

  1. Sign up

  2. Add any vehicle you regularly travel in on Dallas-Fort Worth TEXpress Lanes

  3. Ensure that each person you travel with also signs up and adds the vehicle

If you travel with kids, or if your passenger doesn't have a smartphone, simply request a free Occupant Pass, which may be carried in a pocket or bag whenever they are on board. This is a small and non-trackable Bluetooth tag that simply tells the GoCarma app when another person is on board.

It’s a good idea for each person to open the app from time to time to make sure that their setup is ok. You should see “Setup OK” in a blue bar at the top of the home screen. Otherwise, you may be prompted to update some app permissions.

Then you’re all set! You don’t even need to have the app open - it will automatically activate when you travel in a TEXpress Lane during weekday peak periods.

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