GoCarma enables you to save on tolls by verifying your HOV commute trips in participating communities.  There are 2 main steps to get started as a driver:

  1. Setting up your car

  2. Getting everyone in your car set up with GoCarma

1. Setting Up Your Car

Note: You must have a toll tag to add a car.

To set up your car, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up through the GoCarma smartphone app for iOS and Android.

  2. Add your vehicle(s) during the sign-up process using the Vehicles screen.

  3. Wait until you receive your GoCarma Pass in the mail.

  4. Activate your GoCarma Pass

  5. Be sure to request and activate a GoCarma pass for each vehicle you use for your commute. 

Then you're all set. The GoCarma app will automatically detect whenever you're in your car. Next, you just need to get your passengers to set up GoCarma.

2. Getting everyone in your car set up with GoCarma

For everyone else, it's very simple. Just tell them:

  1. Download the GoCarma app for their iPhone or Android phone.

  2. Sign up in the GoCarma app. Each person needs their own individual account. 

  3. If you travel with kids, or if your passenger doesn't have a smartphone, simply request a free GoCarma Occupant Pass to detect them in your vehicle.  

To make sure everything is setup ok, it's a good idea to have everyone sit in the car and open the app the first time. Everyone should see that they are detected in the car. If not, check out our troubleshooting tips.

That's it! You're all set. You will all be detected in the car automatically.

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