Note: For kids, and passengers without smartphones, please read this article.

Getting Started as a Passenger

To automatically be detected in a vehicle that has a GoCarma Pass in its glove box, just use the GoCarma app:

  1. Download the GoCarma app for your iPhone or Android phone.

  2. Sign up in the GoCarma app. Each person must have their own individual GoCarma account.  

After your account is setup, the GoCarma app will automatically know if you are in the car. There is no need for you to open or launch the app each time you are in the vehicle.

: You don't need to add a vehicle, as long as there is already a GoCarma Pass in the glove box. Typically, the owner of the toll account will already have handled that.

To check that everything is working, just open the app the next time you're in the car. If everything is working, it should tell you that you're detected in the car. If not, please check out our simple troubleshooting tips.  


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