When you use the GoCarma iPhone app you may notice that it asks for permission to "Always" access Location Services.

GoCarma requests this permission so that it can activate automatically when you drive in a TEXpress Lane during weekday peak periods, even when the app is closed.

This permission does not mean that GoCarma will always track your location. It just enables the app to be informed by your phone when you are driving in a TEXpress Lane corridor so that it can activate and verify your proximity to another GoCarma user, enabling the vehicle to qualify for an HOV toll discount.

The app will never collect any GPS data outside of these TEXpress Lane corridor segments.

The app will also never collect any GPS data outside weekday peak periods.

We understand that this iOS permission request can sound invasive. Therefore, if you are still concerned about this permission, you now have the option to set the Location Services permission to “While Using” only. However, in this case, you would need to remember to open the GoCarma app prior to each trip you take in a TEXpress Lane. Otherwise your presence in the vehicle will not be detected, and your vehicle may not qualify for an HOV toll discount.

Learn more about how GoCarma respects your privacy here.

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