When you use the GoCarma iPhone app you may notice that it asks for permission to "Always" access Location Services. This article explains why this permission is required: 

The app uses Bluetooth / iBeacon technology, which is part of Location Services 

The primary reason for this permission is that the app uses Bluetooth / iBeacon technology to detect when you're in your car. This is part of Location Services on iOS. 

The app simply detects a Bluetooth signal from a GoCarma Pass, which is located in the car's glove box. This signal tells the app which car you are in. No location data is collected or stored as part of this process. 

This works automatically, even without you opening the app. However, if the app does not have access to Location Services, it cannot detect when you're in your car.  

The app very rarely uses GPS as an additional HOV verification step 

The GoCarma app very rarely collects any location data.

No GPS (or other) data is ever collected when you're not detected in your car. 

In some cases, GPS may occasionally and temporarily be used as an additional verification of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) eligibility at toll gantry locations. This is simply to verify that a vehicle is actually HOV eligible, in accordance with HOV toll discount rules. Even in this case,  that GPS data is permanently removed shortly after.

A Note on iOS 13 App Permissions:

As with any app that uses Location Services on iOS 13, you may notice from time to time a notification that asks if you wish to switch the GoCarma app's permission from "Always Allow" to "Change While Using." It is important to maintain the "Always Allow" permission, or the GoCarma app will not detect when you're in your car.

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