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What does the "GoCarma has been using your location..." Dialog on iOS 13 mean?
What does the "GoCarma has been using your location..." Dialog on iOS 13 mean?

This article explains a prompt that is displayed on iOS 13

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If you use the Gocarma iPhone app, you may notice that from time to time Apple presents an operating system dialog advising you that:

  • "GoCarma" has been using your location in the background over the past X days. Do you want to continue to allow background location use?

What does this dialog mean?

This is a dialog that Apple added with iOS 13 to present when an app has invoked Location Services while in background mode.

GoCarma requests permission to “Always” access location services so that the app can activate automatically when you travel in a TEXpress Lane during weekday peak periods.

This permission does not mean that GoCarma wishes to track location at other locations or times. The app never collects GPS data at any other location, or at any other time.

From time to time, when you travel, the app will momentarily activate to confirm how far away it is from a TEXpress corridor. In this case, location data is not saved by Gocarma, but these locations may be displayed by Apple in the dialog it presents to you.

If you do not continue to allow the app to use Location Services in background mode, you will need to remember to open the app prior to each time you travel in a TEXpress Lane. If you do not, your presence in the vehicle will not be confirmed, and your vehicle may not qualify for an HOV toll discount.

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