If you use GoCarma on iOS 13, you may notice that from time to time Apple presents an operating system dialog advising you that: 

  • "GoCarma" has been using your location in the background over the past X days. Do you want to continue to allow background location use? 

What does this dialog mean?

This is a new dialog that iOS 13 presents when an app has invoked Location Services while in the background. 

GoCarma does not use GPS except in rare cases as additional verification of HOV status at TEXpress Lane locations. However, GoCarma always uses iBeacon / Bluetooth to detect when you're in the car, which is considered part of Location Services on iOS. This is why GoCarma needs permission to "Always" access Location Services.

When the dialog asks if you wish to continue to allow background location use, it is referring to the app's ability to use Bluetooth / iBeacon in the background to automatically detect when you're in the car. 

What should you do?

You should select "Always Allow" if you wish to continue being automatically detected in the car. If you select to "Change to Only While Using", your occupancy status will not be reported unless you open the app and keep it open while you drive. You can learn more about this "Always Allow" permission on iOS here.  

The dialog shows a map with dots on it. What are those? 

Sometimes, the dialog that Apple presents includes a map with location dots on it. These dots represent the locations at which the GoCarma app uses Bluetooth / iBeacon to detect when you're in the car. These locations are not normally known, collected or stored by the GoCarma app. However, these locations are known, collected and stored by Apple. You can learn more about how Apple saves Significant Locations on your iPhone here.


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