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Solo Status on the Home Screen
Solo Status on the Home Screen
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If you have recently traveled in a Dallas-Fort Worth TEXpress Lane, you may notice that the home screen of the GoCarma app updates to display a card confirming your Solo status.

Soon after you complete a trip in a TEXpress Lane, it's a good idea to open the app to check that your trip was confirmed as HOV. If it's not, please allow some hours and check again as it can take some time to update.

However, if you did travel alone in the TEXpress lane, you will be displayed with an information card that confirms your Solo status and the vehicle you traveled in will not be eligible for an HOV toll discount.

What Does "Solo" Mean?

This Solo status means that GoCarma confirmed you traveled alone during your most recent weekday peak period trip in a TEXpress Lane.

GoCarma was unable to confirm your proximity to another GoCarma user during this trip, and so your vehicle is ineligible an HOV toll discount.

On the card, you will see the date and day the card is referring to, whether it's referring to an AM or PM peak period, and the TEXpress corridor you were most recently confirmed in. You may also see the license plate of the specific vehicle you traveled in.

Not What You Expected?

If you traveled in a carpool and expected the card to show your HOV status, please wait until the next day as it can sometimes take some hours for the status to be confirmed. This is because there can be a short delay in a toll operator querying GoCarma for the HOV status of the vehicle.

If you did not travel anywhere, but see a card for a trip, please contact us so that we can investigate this further for you.

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