The GoCarma app automatically detects whenever you're in your car, enabling you to qualify for toll discounts on DFW TEXpress Lanes for your high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) trips. 

How It Works

Get the GoCarma App

Get the GoCarma app for your iPhone or Android phone. It's a free app and it just takes a couple of minutes to sign up. 

Get a GoCarma Pass for Your Car 

Once you add your vehicle's details in the GoCarma app, we'll automatically send you a GoCarma Pass for your car. This is a small Bluetooth device that you activate and place in your car's glove box.

Ensure Each Passenger Gets GoCarma

Each person in the car should have the GoCarma app on their phone too.

Share Your Commute 

The GoCarma app will automatically detect when you're in your car. You don't even need to open the app. If 2 people in the car have set up the GoCarma app, your trip will be verified as HOV. 

Get HOV Toll Discounts 

On DFW TEXpress Lanes, you may qualify for HOV toll discounts for your commute trips - as long as at least 2 people in the car use the GoCarma app during eligible hours

To confirm your HOV toll discount, please check your monthly toll statement.

Learn more about getting started with GoCarma. >> 

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