GoCarma is a smartphone app that automatically verifies when you're in your car.

If 2 or more people in your car have the GoCarma app on their phone, you may qualify for toll discounts for your high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) commutes.

How GoCarma Benefits You

GoCarma enables you to save on tolls by verifying your HOV commute trips. We partner with transportation agencies and employers to provide these benefits in participating regions.  

For example, in Dallas-Fort Worth you will receive a 50% HOV discount for your TEXpress Lane toll transactions during weekday peak periods.

How GoCarma Benefits Society 

At commute times, most cars only have 1 person inside. That's why we spend so much time sitting in traffic each day. Research has shown that even a small reduction in traffic volumes can have a giant impact on traffic congestion. 

That's why rewarding people for sharing their commute is the most practical and impactful method we have for reducing traffic, improving local air quality and fighting climate change. 

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How It Works

When you add your car's details in the GoCarma app, we'll send you a GoCarma Pass (a small Bluetooth device). Once you place this in your car's glove box, the GoCarma app will automatically detect when you're in the car. You don't even need to open the app, it will run entirely in the background during commute hours. Just make sure each person in the car uses GoCarma.

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