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What's a GoCarma Pass?
What's a GoCarma Pass?

Everything you need to know about the GoCarma Pass

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Please note that a GoCarma Pass is no longer issued for vehicles added in version 2.0 (launched May 21st, 2021).

If you already have an activated GoCarma Pass in your vehicle, you should leave it there.


A GoCarma Pass is a small Bluetooth device that you will receive by mail when you add your car's details in the GoCarma app.

Why It's Needed 

The purpose of the GoCarma Pass is simply to enable the GoCarma app to automatically detect whenever you're in your car. You won't need to open the app after setup, it will run in the background. 

How It Works

Once activated and placed in your glove box, the GoCarma Pass simply transmits a Bluetooth ID number during weekday peak periods. 

The GoCarma Pass does not collect or share any other data.

Activating a GoCarma Pass

When you receive your GoCarma Pass in the mail, you will also receive instructions for how to activate it. 

Once activated, the GoCarma app will automatically detect whenever you're in your car.

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