GoCarma automatically detects whenever you're in a registered vehicle with an activated GoCarma Pass in the glove box.

The best way to check that everything is working, is simply to open the app and verify that you're detected in the car. 

Status is "In Car"

If you open the GoCarma app and it says your Occupancy Status is In Car, then everything is working. You may close the app and it will automatically detect you whenever it's in your vehicle.

App Permissions

If your Occupancy Status relates to a permission setup issue (e.g. Allow Location, Enable Bluetooth, etc.), please read this article.

Status is "Not In Car"

If the app says your status is Not In Car, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are sitting in the car, not standing next to it.

  2. Ensure there is a GoCarma Pass in the car's glove box.

  3. Ensure the GoCarma Pass was set up successfully by the person who registered the vehicle. They can check this by opening the Vehicles screen in their app and confirming that the status of the vehicle is "Active."  If it is not active, please follow these steps to Set Up a GoCarma Pass.  

  4. Try taking the GoCarma Pass out of the glove box and locating it somewhere else in your car. If your status changes to "In Car," leave the GoCarma Pass in its new location. It must stay in the car, but does not have to stay in the glove box.

  5. Try holding the GoCarma Pass right next to your phone. If your status changes to "In Car", please let us know and we will increase the Bluetooth signal strength for you.

  6. Try disabling Bluetooth on your phone and then re-enabling it.

  7. Try restarting the phone. Doing this once may resolve the problem, which is a known limitation of some smartphones.

  8. If your status is still Not In Car, please send us a message through the app so we can investigate further.

Status is Something Else

If the app says your status is something else, it means that you need to update the permissions you give the app. Please follow the steps described in the app to complete the permissions setup, and then return to GoCarma to confirm that your status is now In Car. You can learn more about app permissions by reading this article.


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