When you first use GoCarma, you must approve some app permissions that will enable the app to automatically verify HOV status at eligible locations (DFW TEXpress Lanes only). 

To verify that everything is setup correctly, you should open the GoCarma app and confirm that your status is "In Car."

If your status is "In Car," you're all set. If it's something else, please follow the on-screen instructions to adjust your permissions settings.

App Permissions

To use GoCarma, you must approve the app's request to access some app permissions. These will vary by phone type, but may include:

  • Bluetooth / Location Services: GoCarma uses Bluetooth and Location Services to automatically detect when you're in a registered car. iPhone user may see a prompt to "Always" allow access to location services. This is just because iBeacon / Bluetooth is part of Location Services on iOS. GoCarma does not use GPS, except in rare cases as additional confirmation of HOV eligibility in accordance with HOV Toll Discount rules. iPhone users can learn more here. 

  • Notifications: This is an optional permission. If you disable notifications, the app will still work. However, you will not receive a notification when we send you a message or reply to your message.

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