When you first sign up to GoCarma you may notice that the app requests you grant it some permissions.

When you are prompted to grant a permission, you will see an “info” button next to it. If you’d like some more information about why the app is requesting the permission, simply tap on this info button to read a relevant article.

Once you grant the necessary permissions, you will see a “Status: OK” message in a blue bar at the top of the screen. If you do not see this message, it means that you may need to correct the app permissions setup. Please follow the in-app prompts to correct these permission states.

Below is an overview of the permission requests you may see when you sign up to GoCarma:

  • Location Services: GoCarma uses location to activate automatically when you drive in a TEXpress Lane during weekday peak periods. Location data is also used to verify your HOV status by confirming your proximity to another GoCarma user in the vehicle. The app never saves GPS data at any other location, or at any other time.

  • Bluetooth: GoCarma uses Bluetooth Low Energy to verify your proximity to another GoCarma user’s smartphone, or to an Occupant Pass, when you travel in a TEXpress Lane. If you are confirmed in Bluetooth-proximity, this is used to indicate that you are traveling together and that you should qualify for an HOV toll discount.

  • Notifications: GoCarma uses Notifications to send you messages about your account or important information about HOV toll discounts. This is an optional permission request, so you may decline this permission without any impact on your qualification for an HOV toll discount.

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