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How do I set up an Occupant Pass?
How do I set up an Occupant Pass?
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An Occupant Pass can be issued for anyone without a smartphone. If you have applied for, and received, an Occupant Pass, please follow the steps below to activate the Pass. 

Setup instructions are also included in the Occupant Pass envelope. 

Setup Instructions

  1. Take the Occupant Pass out of the envelope.

  2. Hold the Occupant Pass next to your phone. 

  3. Open the GoCarma app and tap on the menu in the top left corner of the screen. 

  4. Select the Occupant Passes menu item. (If you do not see "Occupant Passes" in the menu, contact us via the Contact Us option in the menu.)

  5. Tap to Setup the Occupant Pass for your passenger who does not have a smartphone.

  6. Follow the in-app instructions to complete the setup.

At the end of the setup process, you will be returned to the Occupant Passes screen and you will see that the status has changed to show that the Pass is activated.

Note: The Occupant Pass must be carried by the person to whom it has been assigned each time they enter and exit the vehicle. It's best to carry it in a pocket or bag.

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