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How can I order an Occupant Pass?
How can I order an Occupant Pass?

This article includes a link to the Occupant Pass request form.

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If you travel with someone who does not have a smartphone (e.g. children, toddlers, babies, seniors, or any adult without a smartphone), just click on the button below to request an Occupant Pass

An Occupant Pass is a small Bluetooth-enabled device that can be carried instead of a smartphone to enable someone to be detected in a vehicle.

As long as one person in the vehicle has the GoCarma app on their phone, your vehicle will be verified as HOV and you may be able to save on tolls.

Please note:

  • There must be at least one person in the vehicle with the GoCarma app on their smartphone. The smartphone app will detect its proximity to the Occupant Pass and know that you are traveling as HOV.

  • The Occupant Pass must be carried (e.g in a pocket or bag) into and out of the vehicle for your HOV trips. It may not be left in the car.

  • You only need one Occupant Pass, regardless of the number of people without a smartphone to qualify for HOV.

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