If you have more than one vehicle in your family, it's no problem - you can add multiple vehicles on the Vehicles screen within the app, but each vehicle should only be added one time, by one person.

How it Works 

We will send you a GoCarma Pass for each vehicle that you add. You will need to follow some simple instructions to set up each GoCarma Pass and then place it in that vehicle's glove box. These instructions will arrive with the GoCarma Pass.

After that, you should never move the GoCarma Pass from that vehicle or move it to another vehicle.

Each person in the car should have the GoCarma app on their phone to be detected in the car. (If you travel with kids, there's an option for them too.)

Note: Only ONE person needs to add the vehicle into the app. This is often done by the toll tag account owner, but does not have to be. 

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