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Avoiding a GoCarma Account Suspension
Avoiding a GoCarma Account Suspension

This article explains how to use GoCarma in compliance with HOV violation rules.

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HOV toll discounts are only available for vehicles that are verified as having at least 2 people in the vehicle at the time of the toll transaction.

Any GoCarma user that attempts to qualify for HOV status while traveling alone risks receiving a GoCarma account period of suspension, during which they will be ineligible to receive an HOV toll discount. 

Please note that a GoCarma suspension has no impact on the status of toll tag account. 

How to Avoid a GoCarma Account Suspension 

To ensure you are not at risk of a GoCarma account suspension, please follow these guidelines: 

  • You must not carry a 2nd smartphone as a way of attempting to qualify for HOV status for a single occupancy trip. 

  • You must not carry an Occupant Pass as a way of attempting to qualify for HOV status for a single occupancy trip.

  • You must not leave an Occupant Pass in the vehicle at all times.

These disallowed behaviors are automatically identified by the GoCarma system and will result in a GoCarma account suspension if this behavior is repeated.

If you have received a notification with a link to this article, but you believe you are not violating HOV toll discount policy, please just send us a message in the GoCarma app. 

Why It Matters

  • Single occupancy vehicles are ineligible for HOV toll discounts according to policy governed by the Regional Transportation Council.

  • HOV policy is designed to ensure that TEXpress Lanes maintain a minimum speed of 50 mph at all times, and especially during peak travel periods. 

  • HOV violations result in increased prices for all road users as pricing dynamically adjusts to ensure target traffic flow in the TEXpress Lanes. 

Appealing a GoCarma Account Suspension 

If you believe your GoCarma account has been suspended unfairly, please read this article to learn how to appeal your GoCarma account suspension.  

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