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Why GoCarma Requests You Allow Access to Location Services

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The GoCarma app requests that you allow access to Location Services as GPS is required for the app to activate and verify your HOV status on TEXpress Lanes.

If you see the following card when you open the app, it means that you have not yet allowed the app to access your phone's Location Services. You must tap to Allow Location or the app will not verify your presence in a vehicle and you may not qualify for an HOV toll discount.

The app uses GPS to determine and activate when you are traveling near a TEXpress Lane. This enables the app to confirm that you are in proximity with another user at the time of a TEXpress Lane toll transaction.

GoCarma only collects GPS data when you travel in a TEXpress Lane and only in weekday peak periods. Your GPS data is only used to enable you to qualify for HOV toll discounts. And your GPS data expires automatically after 60 days.

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