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If the GoCarma app is presenting you with the following card, it means that you have disabled Bluetooth on your phone. You must enable Bluetooth for GoCarma to verify your HOV status when you travel in TEXpress Lanes during weekday peak periods.

The app uses Bluetooth to confirm your proximity to another GoCarma user when you travel in a TEXpress Lane. This will result in your vehicle qualifying for a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) toll discount.

To enable Bluetooth on an iPhone:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Go to Bluetooth.

  3. Tap the toggle switch to the right of Bluetooth to turn it on.

To enable Bluetooth on an Android Phone:

  1. Tap on Settings on your Android device.

  2. Look for Bluetooth or the Bluetooth symbol in your settings and tap it.

  3. There should be an option to enable. Please tap or swipe on it so that is in the on position.


GoCarma does not use Bluetooth for any other reason and does not use Bluetooth to transmit any personally identifiable information.

The app never attempts to use Bluetooth outside of weekday peak periods.

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