If you live outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but your travel includes TEXpress Lanes when you visit DFW, you may still qualify for HOV discounts through GoCarma. Drivers with toll tags from surrounding areas are eligible for 50% discounts on TEXpress Lanes during peak periods when they set up GoCarma and travel with a passenger.

Get started with GoCarma now to allow time for delivery of the GoCarma Pass for your glove box. Passenger setup can be done at any time and takes less than one minute.

GoCarma works with the following types of toll tags:

  • Harris County issued EZ Tag, starting with HCTR
  • Houston Metro Tag starting with MTAH
  • Kansas issued K-Tag, starting with KTA.
  • Oklahoma issued Pike Pass, starting with OTA.
  • Texas Dept of Transportation issued TxTag, starting with TEX.
  • NTTA issued tags: DFW Pass, starting with DFW and TollTag, starting with DNT.

When entering your toll tag, be sure to enter the preceding letters, including the period (if applicable) before the digits, with no extra spaces. Allow up to 14 days for delivery of the GoCarma Pass and please let us know if you have any trouble entering your tag. Get started here.

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