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When does GoCarma collect data?
When does GoCarma collect data?

Learn when and how the app uses your data.

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The GoCarma app only collects usage data during weekday peak periods. At all other times, the app is not active in any way.

Furthermore, the app collects GPS only when you travel near a TEXpress Lane. At all other locations, the GoCarma app does not collect location data. From time to time, your phone's operating system may report to GoCarma your distance from a TEXpress Lane, but no location data is saved.

Location data is only used for the purposes of confirming the HOV status of a vehicle you are traveling in, so that the vehicle can qualify for an HOV toll discount.

This data is never shared externally, and expires automatically after 60 days.

If you ever have any questions related to how GoCarma protects the privacy of your personal data, please just send us a message and our team in Dallas will be happy to help.

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