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Why didn't I get my HOV toll discount?
Why didn't I get my HOV toll discount?

Steps to take to identify why you did not get an HOV toll discount.

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If you believe that you mistakenly did not receive an HOV toll discount, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your NTTA toll statement: This is the only place to confirm that you did not receive your HOV toll discount. You'll need the details of the toll you were charged (e.g. time, vehicle)

  2. Open GoCarma: Open the Privacy screen, and tap on the final menu item, labeled “HOV data shared to enable toll discount”. This will take you to a Transactions screen where you can view all the times that GoCarma has verified your vehicle occupancy to a toll operator.

  3. No matching transaction? Compare the time of the toll transaction in your toll statement with the transactions listed on this screen. If there is no matching transaction in GoCarma, there are some possible causes. The first thing to do is to check the Vehicles screen and ensure that you have added the vehicle correctly. Are the license plate and toll tag numbers correct? If not, please correct your vehicle details. However, if the vehicle details are correct, this is likely an issue beyond our control. In this case, please contact NTTA and they will be able to help you.

  4. Another vehicle? Please make sure that the vehicle in your toll transaction is the same as the vehicle you have set up in GoCarma. You can check your vehicles on the Vehicles screen. It’s a good idea to add any vehicle you travel in on Dallas-Fort Worth TEXpress Lanes. It can also help to ask each person you travel with to add the vehicle as well. They will simply need to enter your vehicle’s license plate number.

  5. Matching transaction, but not HOV? If there is a matching transaction, but it does not include any mention of "HOV" or "2+," this means the occupancy of your vehicle was not reported as 2 or higher. Please read this article to ensure you are set up correctly. Make sure that each person you travel with has the app installed, that they have created their own account, and that their setup is ok. Each person should open the app and confirm that they see “Setup: OK” in a blue bar at the top of the screen. If each person in the car has GoCarma setup correctly, and you still did not get an HOV toll discount, please send us a message with the details of your transaction. Our team will review the details and get back to you shortly.

  6. Matching transaction, listed as HOV, but still no discount? In this case, GoCarma is working correctly, but it is possible that the toll operator has not applied an HOV discount (e.g. because your toll account is not in good standing). Please check your toll account status online and then contact the NTTA to resolve any issues.

If you've tried the troubleshooting steps above but still believe you missed an HOV discount, please complete a missed HOV discount form by clicking the button below so that our team can investigate this further for you.

GoCarma is unable to review transactions occurring more than 60 days ago.

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