The GoCarma app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) / iBeacon technology to automatically detect when you're in your car. On iOS, this is considered part of Location Services, which is the main reason you may see some Location Services Permissions. You can read more about how GoCarma uses Location Services here.

There are 3 location permissions that you may encounter on iOS 13. Each is described below. 

First Location Permission on iOS 13

At the end of the sign-up process, you will be asked to enable Location Services. Although the GoCarma app needs to "Always" access Location Services, iOS limits your options at this stage. You must select "Allow While Using," as depicted below.

You will later be presented with the 2nd permission request below, which will ask you to change to "Always" allow access to Location Services. If you wish, you can update your permission to "Always" already, by opening the Settings app, selecting "GoCarma," selecting "Location Services" and selecting "Always."

 Second Location Permission on iOS 13

Soon after you are first detected in close proximity to a GoCarma Pass, iOS will ask you if you wish to "Change to Always Allow.".You must select this option, so that the GoCarma app can detect whenever you're in your vehicle. 

Third Location Permission on iOS 13

From time to time, iOS may randomly ask you if you wish to keep the "Always Allow"  
permission. You must select this option if you are presented with the alert.

Tip: From time to time, it's a good idea to open the GoCarma app when you're in the car. If it says your status is "In Car," you will know that your permissions are set up correctly. If there is any issue with permissions, you can just follow the in-app guidance to resolve the issue.

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