In the GoCarma app, you may add a vehicle during the sign up process or at any time later in the Vehicles screen. The Vehicles screen is accessible to any logged in user in the app menu .

Note: If you wish to add a motorcycle, please read this article

Adding a Vehicle 

To add a vehicle, tap on the Add Vehicle button on the Vehicles screen or when presented during the sign-up process.

There are 2 steps to adding a vehicle:

  • Add a Vehicle: You will first need to enter your vehicle's license plate and toll tag details. You can find your toll tag number on the back of your toll tag
  • Add a Shipping Address: You will then be asked to enter your shipping address, so that we can send you a GoCarma Pass for  that vehicle. Once you submit this form, the vehicle is added and you will receive a GoCarma Pass in the mail.


  • You may add more vehicles by returning to the Vehicles screen. 
  • Your shipping address will be saved if you return to that screen. 
  • You will be sent a GoCarma Pass for each vehicle you add.
  • You can view the status of each vehicle you add on the Vehicles screen.

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