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Everything You Need to Know About Vehicles in the GoCarma App

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In the GoCarma app, you should enter the details of any vehicle you regularly travel in as a driver or passenger.

When that vehicle is confirmed in a toll transaction, the toll operator will check with GoCarma if the vehicle is eligible for a high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) toll discount. If you have not previously added the vehicle, the vehicle may not be able to confirmed as HOV.

To see which vehicles you have already added, or to add more vehicles, just tap on the menu button in the top left corner and select Vehicles in the app menu.

Adding a Vehicle

You will be asked to enter a vehicle when you first sign up, but you can also add other vehicles at any time in the Vehicles screen.

To add a vehicle:

  • Tap on the app menu (top left corner)

  • Tap on "Vehicles" to access the Vehicles screen

  • Tap to add a new vehicle

  • When prompted, enter the vehicle's license plate.

  • If you are the first person to add this vehicle, you will also be prompted to add the vehicle's toll tag number. You can locate the full tag number on the reverse of the toll tag.

Updating a Vehicle

From time to time, you may need to update your vehicle's details. You can do this on the Vehicles screen by tapping the Edit vehicle icon next to the vehicle you wish to update.

If you have any trouble, please send us a message in the app.

Deleting a Vehicle

If you need to remove a vehicle from you account, you are able to do this on the Vehicles tab located within the app. First, make sure your GoCarma app has been updated to the most recent version. From there, open the app and go to the Vehicles tab. From there, tap the pencil next to the vehicle you'd like to delete. Next click delete vehicle and confirm.

Do I Still Need a GoCarma Pass for My Vehicle?

From the launch of GoCarma v2.0.0 in May 2021, you will no longer be issued with a GoCarma Pass for newly added vehicle. Any vehicle added after this release is no longer required to have a GoCarma Pass in its glove box. For vehicles that already have been issued with a GoCarma Pass, and already have been activated and placed in your glove box, please leave them as they are.

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