New vehicles should ONLY be added in the GoCarma app if:

  1. You no longer have the GoCarma Pass to move to the new vehicle

  2. This vehicle is NOT replacing an existing vehicle on your account

Replacing a Vehicle:

  1. Contact GoCarma support team by using the “contact us” feature within the app or by email at

  2. Provide the following information:
    a. The email address associated with GoCarma account
    b. The old vehicle license plate and/or toll tag number
    c. The new vehicle license plate and/or toll tag number

We will update your account for you so you may simply move the GoCarma Pass to the glove box of your new car.

For Vehicles with Temporary Plates:

Contact the GoCarma support team to update the license plate associated with your account. Once you receive the permanent plates, simply contact us again.

Adding a New Vehicle:

The steps for adding a new vehicle can be found here.

Keep in mind: If you added the new vehicle details because you no longer have the GoCarma Pass, please let us know so we can remove your old vehicle details.

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